Asia Excellent offer a full range of Thai and international taxation consulting services, helping you to optimise your tax position and to mitigate any adverse tax implications which may arise from your international business dealings within Thailand.

Our taxation consultants have an in-depth understanding of Thai tax laws and practices and are able to provide you with precise and reliable advice on areas such as:

Strategic Tax Planning

Our tax advisors may review onshore and offshore structures and the applicability of double taxation agreements in order to optimise tax on cross border transactions.

Regional Operating Headquarters (ROH)

The Asia Excellent tax team have extensive experience in advising companies who wish to apply for ROH status in Thailand. We review your existing structure, assess the benefits/disadvantages and advise you of the suitability of the ROH structure for your business and recommend how to proceed.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is becoming increasingly important as more Revenue Departments, including Thailand, make this a priority issue. The Asia Excellent tax team can work with you to identify risks and to prepare the documentation necessary to ensure that these are minimised.

Tax Investigations

Our tax team have extensive experience in assisting our clients with Revenue Department tax investigations. We may liaise with the Revenue Officials on your behalf to ensure that the process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.