Asia Excellent provides high level and quality legal advice and offers a wide range of legal services to a number of international clients who operate businesses in Thailand. Our specialized areas comprise the following:


Corporate & Commercial

Asia Excellent can assist a number of international investors in establishing new operations in Thailand through various entity forms including limited companies, joint ventures, representative offices, branch offices, regional offices, regional operating headquarters (ROH) and associations. Asia Excellent can advise and assist clients applying for foreign business licenses, foreign business certificates under the US-Thai Treaty of Amity and under the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), including applications for Board of Investment (BOI) promotion. Business and corporate restructuring services is another main area of Asia Excellent’s practice.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Asia Excellent can assist clients by representing them as their company secretary and to provide corporate secretarial services, comprising preparation of notices and minutes of meetings of board of directors and shareholders, retention of company registration documents, minutes books and share documentation, update share documentation upon the change of shareholders as well as the corporate amendments registrations, including amendments of directors, shareholders, registered capital, registered address/branch, memorandum and articles of association, seals, fiscal years and liquidations.

Commercial Contracts

Asia Excellent can assist clients in drafting, preparing and negotiating various types of commercial contracts, including but not necessarily limited to joint venture agreements, shareholders agreements, lease agreements, management services agreements, employment agreements, design and construction contracts, franchise agreements, distributor/agent agreements, licensing agreements, confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements and business/assets sale and purchase agreements.

Intellectual Property

Asia Excellent offers registration services for various types of intellectual property, including trade marks, service marks, petty patents and patents as well as licensing agreements to clients who desire to protect their intellectual property in Thailand. Asia Excellent can assist clients in intellectual property searches at the Department of Intellectual Property.

Legal Due Diligence

Asia Excellent offers legal due diligence services to clients who wish to invest in existing companies or businesses (e.g. acquisition of shares, businesses or assets), properties as well as conducting a company search/company health check. In this regard, Asia Excellent assigns its staff to conduct an onsite search in order to provide a formal written report to clients for their investment decision making.

Labour & Employment

Asia Excellent can assist clients in labour matters prior to the commencement of the employment of their staff, during their employment in addition to in respect to the termination of their employment. Asia Excellent can advise clients on the Thai labour law requirements of hiring and terminating staff. Asia Excellent can negotiate with labour unions on behalf of clients as well as redundancies and business/organization downsizing. Asia Excellent can also represent clients at the Labour Offices and the Labour Court to settle any labour disputes.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Asia Excellent’s Legal team has extensive experience in litigation, arbitration and other dispute resolution procedures. Asia Excellent has assisted a number of clients in negotiating and settling disputes with their customers, creditors, debtors and contract parties throughout the pre-litigation, trial and enforcement stages. Asia Excellent mainly focuses on civil, commercial and consumer cases.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Asia Excellent’s staff have advised clients and staff have been involved in a number of merger and acquisitions transactions which includes business or asset acquisitions, and share acquisition by conducting legal due diligence, preparing and negotiating relevant contracts as well as the provision of advice on structuring of the transactions.

Real Estate

Asia Excellent’s staff have advised and assisted clients in the acquisition of property, including land, houses, condominium units and factories both for business and residence purpose in accordance with the applicable laws of Thailand.

Specific Licenses & Permits

Asia Excellent‘s Legal Department has provided professional assistance to clients with respect to their application for a number of specific licenses/permits required for their business operations, including but not limited to factory licenses, construction permits, telecommunication licenses, import and export licenses, licenses to operate businesses in industrial estates, restaurant licenses, licenses to sell liquor and tobacco, entertainment licenses, ship inspection licenses, software house identification numbers, direct sale licenses, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licenses.


Asia Excellent has several tax advisors who have extensive experience in advising clients on both local and international tax matters, including personal income tax, corporate income tax, value added tax, withholding tax and double taxation agreements. Asia Excellent also offers tax compliance review/health check services to ensure that clients comply with the applicable tax laws of Thailand.

Visas & Work Permits

Asia Excellent provides visas and work permit application services to expatriates who wish to work, stay with their families or retire in Thailand. Asia Excellent staff have assisted clients in obtaining work permits, business visas, spouse visas, retirement visas, the transferring of visas as well as applying for residential permits and Thai citizenship.